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Emergency Roof Repair

Roof Repair

When something unexpected compromises your home’s roof, you need immediate repair or a temporary emergency cover to protect everything inside. Weather, fire and animals are the most common and unpreventable factors that can damage your roof. Whatever the emergency, we offer 24-hour emergency residential roof repair to help minimize any further damage done to your home. If you have a residential building and are in need a new roof in the Greater Placer and Sacramento area, call Rainoway, Inc. Roofing, Rain Gutters, & Siding today for a free estimate.

The Dangers of Roof Leaks

California’s weather is crazy. Especially here in Northern Ca., We have very hot summers and cold wet winters. This can take a toll on your roof. It is very important to not procrastinate when you discover a leak.
There are many dangers of roof leaks to consider like:

• Structural Deterioration: The leak exposes your roof and your attic to all forms of weather, which could cause it to deteriorate at a rapid pace.

• High Energy Bills: The leak in your roof will let the hot air in and the cool air out, causing you to pay much more to keep your home at a pleasant temperature.

• Mold Growth: When water does get in through your roof leak, it can cause mold to build up in the upper level of your home. This endangers the health of you and your family.

• Animal Access: Squirrels, mice, bats, raccoons, cats, bees, wasps, and all kinds of other animals may be able to enter your home through the roof leak.

• Fire Hazard: Exposing your electrical wiring to water and creatures that can chew through it could create a spark powerful enough to light your home on fire.

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