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Residential Roofing Types

Roofing Types

In selecting the roof that would best suit your needs; Rainoway, Inc. Roofing, Rain Gutters, & Siding can assist you in reviewing the various styles available, keeping in mind the architecture of your residence, as well as energy efficiency, and the climate in your area:

Flat Roofs

A roof with a 10 degree or less slope is considered to be a flat roof, and can be a monolithic slab, sheet, space frame, or a simple system of beams, girders, and decking elements of low span capability. Flat roofs are more common in dryer climates.

Sloped Roofs

A roof with more than a 10-degree slope is considered to be a sloped roof and can consist of many different types of construction, including single pitched, gabled, and tripped. Sloped roofs can have a system of rafters, purling, trusses or space frames, or it might be a monolithic slab or sheet. The primary purpose of a sloped roof is drainage of rainwater, and the lower the permeability of the roofing material, the less slope is necessary.

Roofing Materials

There are several materials available for the composition of your roof, and Rainoway, Inc. Roofing, Rain Gutters, & Siding can assist you in making the right selection for your architectural style and budget:


We offer several styles of shingle roofs to suit your needs:
  • A 230lb Shingle (What they used to refer to as a 30yr) is perfect for a limited budget, providing basic protection for your home.
  • This is an Architectural Shingle which provides beauty and durability and comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.
  • Lifetime Designer Shingles are for those who desire the ultimate in style, beauty, and exceptional durability.


Tile is a very versatile aesthetic selection. It is appropriate for any style of residence and is perfect for our climate in that it can reduce the transfer of heat to the interior of your home.


Metal roofs are extremely durable, fire resistant, and cost effective compared to other roofing systems. They carry a Class A fire rating (most resistant) as established by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., as well as being Energy Star@ Certified. If you are in the process of planning a new home or think that your old roof needs replacing, we’ve got you covered! Make an appointment with Rainoway, Inc. Roofing, Rain Gutters, & Siding today to discuss and assess your options.  

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